writing tools

From pen to keyboard and beyond

  In the second half of the XIII century, Guido Cavalcanti made the tools he used to write speak to us: Noi siàn le triste penne isbigotite, le cesoiuzze e ’l coltellin dolente, ch’avemo scritte dolorosamente quelle parole che vo’ avete udite. What do we use to write every day? Have we fully replaced pencils and pens with keyboards? How did we get here? How have these … Continue reading From pen to keyboard and beyond

Narrative AI

“Hey, I’m going to subscribe to the universal library. Then, I’ll have all the future volumes of my periodical over and done with, already in the printer’s copy. I won’t need to worry about any of the articles. This is truly magnificent for the publisher: the elimination of the author from the entire business! The replacement of the writer by the combinatorial machine! A triumph … Continue reading Narrative AI